Jan Alley & Associates enable you to improve staff performance

We know that fully using the potential of your people can significantly improve staff performance at your organisation, and we link individual performance to business results.

For over 20 years Jan Alley & Associates have worked with a broad range of organisations.  We use our accumulated knowledge and insight to identify the opportunities to increase productivity and engagement and improve staff performance.  Whether you are a large or small organisation, privately or publicly owned, New Zealand or multi-national, single-site or a group, Jan Alley & Associates can match our expertise with your company knowledge to deliver results through people.  We don’t offer standard off-the-shelf solutions – we identify what you need and work with you to deliver what will be most effective in your organisation.  You know your company and industry, and we know how to use that knowledge to increase your people’s capability.  Our clients will testify that we respond to their unique needs and work as partners to improve staff performance.

Hear what Lighting Plus have to say about the value Jan Alley & Associates has added to their business.

Through our extensive range of human resource management and learning and development services, there are two key areas we will assist your people management:

Learning and Development

We plan, develop and deliver training so your people know what to do, how to do it, and how to behave.

Human Resource Management

We design and implement human resource management systems so performance expectations are developed, communicated, and measured.  We will also up-skill your managers to effectively use these systems.