managing performanceManaging Performance

Ensure your line managers have the management skills to:

  • Optimise performance and engagement with their people
  • Understand and use your HR processes and systems
  • Promote your organisation as an employer of choice
  • Comply with employment legislation
  • minimise risk

Custom-designed in-house workshops are based on your organisation’s needs, documentation, and systems.

Content and workshop titles are developed  to reflect your organisation and its culture.

Recruitment and Selection

  • Employing the right people for current and future business needs
  • What to ask and not to ask in employment interviews
  • The legal aspects of employment

Managing Performance

  • Communicating and reinforcing performance expectations

Coaching and Feedback

  • Ensuring everyone understands their expected contribution to the organisation
  • How to give feedback, both positive and when improvement is needed

Dealing with Non-Performance

Handling non-performance or misconduct is an important part of managing performance.

  • The legal requirements
  • How to go about it

Participant quote:

“As a line manager, I’m now very clear on how our recruitment, performance reviews etc really impact our company’s results.”

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