Why should HR Policies and Procedures be in writing?

Last time we talked about the need for robust HR Policies and Procedures and what they should include, and offered a free copy of a suggested check list. If you would like to receive this free copy, please contact us.

Sound employment policies guide both managers and employees on what is expected and prevent misunderstandings about employer policy. In addition, team leaders and managers are more likely to consistently apply policies that are clearly communicated in writing.

Some tips for effective management of written HR Policies and Procedures

  • Even smaller employers should consider creating an employee handbook to support policies included in the employment offer.
  • Collate old memos used to inform employees of policy change into one employee handbook or policy and procedure manual.
  • Incorporate HR Policy and Procedures as part of the employee induction training.

Keep an eye out for our next edition which will give you more tips about managing HR policies.

For further help or advice on reviewing your policies, please contact us or call Jan and the team on 64 9 579 8566.


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