Denise Carter – Associate

Denise Carter

Denise Carter

Denise Carter has over 30 years’ experience of leading and developing people, in a career ranging from Army Officer to Group Learning and Development roles in some of the UK and NZ’s largest organisations.

Since 2005 Denise has worked independently with individuals and teams across all sorts of organisations to challenge them to learn and change, in order to grow.  Her philosophy is to help people realise their potential through building their current capability.  She has learnt that most people want to grow; often they just don’t know how to. Denise’s speciality is strategy development and implementation of that strategy to ensure results are achieved.

Pushing people and organisations in the right way, encouraging them to think strategically and to take action in ways they may not otherwise attempt is a strength of Denise’s.  Her other passion is sport – watching it, playing it and, as a qualified Personal Trainer, sometimes helping others to take part in it.  She works alongside Jan and Helen in implementing the PIPE human resources framework.

Denise is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel Development (UK),  a Certified TetraMap Facilitator, a qualified NLP trainer, and an Accredited Coach in NeuroLeadership Group approach (formerly Results Coaching Systems).  She is based in Auckland.