Leadership Skills for Emerging Leaders

Develop business and leadership skills for first-time and developing managers so they:

  • Understand the business drivers for your organisation
  • Use resources to optimise results
  • Learn the criteria for high-performing teams
  • Link individual performance to strategy
  • Understand leadership and performance expectations
  • Learn to think like a manager
  • Step up to the roles and responsibilities

Custom-designed to meet your organisation’s needs

  • Modular format to minimise disruption to business
  • Spaced learning for easier transfer to the workplace
  • Activities reflect your organisation’s goals and culture
  • Projects add value to your organisation
  • Key concepts regularly reviewed and reinforced
  • Content selected from a range of topics relevant to first-time and developing managers

Programme includes TetraMap® as a framework for managers to understand the different communication styles, motivators and needs of their team members.

Participant quote:

“Today was like an eye-opener into the company.  I hadn’t realised that in stepping up into a management role you need to look at things differently.  I can now see how I can help achieve company goals.”

Let’s discuss how we can design a programme to develop your first-time and developing managers.

Leadership Skills for Emerging Leaders Topics

Topics our clients have selected as part of our in-house management development programmes include:

Defining Leadership
Motivating and Managing the Team
Employment Legislation
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Planning and Prioritising
Creative Thinking and Decision Making
Sales and Marketing
Presentation Skills
Risk Management
Operational Effectiveness
Personal Development and Career Planning
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Recruitment and Selection
Managing Performance
Business Communication
Coaching and Training
Financial Management
Vocal and Voice Impact
Supply Chain Management
Project Management
Improving Business Processes

TetraMap® Applications

TetraMap of Behaviour – Why are you like that?

TetraMap of Sales and Service – Why is the customer like that?

TetraMap of Teamwork – Why are we like that?

TetraMap of Planning – Why are we doing this?