Human Resource Management

HR management focuses on managing and directing the employees of an organisation, improving their performance. Our human resource management programmes will ensure your Line Managers have the skills to optimise engagement and performance in your people. They will also understand and utilise your HR processes and systems, promote your organisation as an employer of choice, and comply with employment legislation, minimising risk. These custom-designed, in-house workshops are tailored to meet your needs, documents, and systems, with content and title developed to reflect your organisation and culture.

Some of the aspects we can assist you with include:

Recruitment and selection: Employing the right people for current and future business needs.

Managing performance: Communicating and reinforcing performance expectations.

Coaching and feedback: Ensuring everyone understands their contribution to the organisation.

Dealing with non-performance: Managing non-performance or misconduct.

Compliance with employment legislation: ensuring your policies, processes, documentation (e.g. employment agreements) comply with current legislation.

Managing People and Performance: Develop HR management skills in your managers.

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