Improving performance through coaching

Do you and your managers understand what a powerful influence coaching has on productivity and performance?

Are you confident your managers are also coaches?

executive-coachingFormer CEO of Home Depot, Robert Nardelli, summed up the importance of coaching in the business world saying, “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential”.

We acknowledge that all businesses aim to work smarter, not harder. With digitalisation quickening the pace of life at every level, we often hear, “I simply don’t have time to coach my team”. However, choosing to commit 10-20% of your work week to building your people’s own skills and capabilities will contribute to a high-performing team culture. Coaching will create more effective managers within your organisation.

Over time, creating an environment that encourages your managers to think like coaches will enable your organisation to remain competitive and ultimately become an employer of choice. Coaching is a cost-effective way of transferring company knowledge, reinforcing expectations, and motivating your team to high performance.

Coaching to Your Nature manual

At Jan Alley & Associates we are proud to offer you Coaching to your Nature in partnership with Coach Approach and Leadscape Learning. Using the TetraMap framework to gain insight into our own behaviour and impact on others, Coaching to Your Nature extends that understanding of self and others to work out the most effective way to coach an individual to develop their potential.

This blended learning programme includes online self-assessment and a one-day workshop supported by individual coaching sessions to develop and enhance coaching skills.

Effective coaches empower people by agreeing on their goals for growth, motivating them to achieve their goals, supporting their efforts, and measuring their progress. Investing in people’s development by coaching provides direction and strengthens their commitment to your organisation.

We’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can help your managers step up their coaching skills. Find out more about Coaching to our Nature by calling us today on 09-579-8566 or emailing me.


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