Learning and Development

“Learning and Development” is an aspect of human resource management that allows an organisation to grow and develop its people. It encompasses many different tools and approaches to make sure that every learning style is catered for. Your people will leave a workshop having built on their knowledge, talent, and capabilities, rather than having simply acquired a new skill.

As well as benefiting your people as individuals, learning and development can be used in team building, organisational, and change management. At Jan Alley & Associates we offer refreshing alternatives to traditional classroom training to create engaging, motivational, and memorable experiences, custom-designing learning to suit your own team or organisation.

While face-to-face workshops and coaching have been the core of our business, we now extend that learning through pre- and post- workshop initiatives, online learning, work-based projects, and self-managed learning.

Some of the areas of professional development that Jan and her team specialise in are:

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