Memorable take-aways from your conference

curtain-165488_1920What are the learning take-aways from your conference?

Are you really clear about what information, inspiration, or learning you want your people to take away from your conference?

And how will you know if they did?

In our last article we discussed the power of planning and introduced the concept of using TetraMap as a planning tool. It was great to hear the article was valuable; thanks for the feedback.

Adding memorable value with TetraMap

Now we’ll share how to add memorable value to your conference through using TetraMap as a:

  • Keynote
  • Interactive workshop
  • Theme linking all speakers and topics

TetraMapParticularly when introduced early in the conference, TetraMap will shift thinking and open mindsets so your delegates are more responsive to all your content.

Common conference topics are:

  • Building a cohesive team
  • Lifting the level of service
  • Conflict – reducing and resolving
  • Managing People and Performance

 (Click here to read examples.)

Improving relationships with customers or colleagues starts with understanding yourself, understanding others, and understanding the differences and knowing what to do about them, so that is always the starting point for behaviour change.


We often finish our conference sessions with TetraThoughts, a reflection activity where delegates review their experience from four different perspectives and share their learning.

Here are some delegate comments from this exercise:

  • “This has turned my irritations into insights”
  • “Focusing on intention behind the action makes such a difference”
  • “So powerful to realise everyone is right from their perspective”

So whether it’s an away day for your team, your annual conference, or an opportunity for team building, you can add valuable take-aways to your conference to turn learning into action.


Building a cohesive team

Create effective and sustainable teamwork for a new team, a restructured team, an under-performing team, or to make a good team great with a TetraMap workshop. Eliminate the silos!

Example: One team we worked with was a collection of people with very distinctive roles that inevitably created conflict as each team member focused on their particular goals and needs. After the workshop they were all clearer about how each role fitted into the big picture and could value the contribution from each team member and recognise that they needed each other to be successful themselves.

Lifting the level of service

Ensure everyone fully understands what service really means to your customers, what standards are expected, and how individual behaviour influences the overall service delivery.

Example: We worked with a team whose members were totally committed to delivering good service but sometimes came across as more officious than efficient. Once they gained insight into how their behaviour was impacting some customers (and colleagues) they took personal responsibility for adapting their style and ensuring all customers received the service they expected. The whole team lifted the level of service delivery.

Conflict – reducing and resolving

Conflict is so often caused by different perceptions and a belief in being right. Reflecting on how different a situation can appear to the other party is a powerful starting point for reducing and resolving conflict.

Example: Branch Managers at a national conference reported incidents of conflict simmering in their branches. TetraMap provided a framework and tool for them to start addressing and resolving these conflicts by enabling individuals to consider different perspective. Many had underestimated the impact the unresolved conflicts were having on productivity and performance and noticed an immediate improvement in morale.

Managing people and performance

Our workshops focus on ensuring everyone knows exactly what they have to do to contribute to organisational results and then be accountable for delivering that. TetraMap provides a framework for managers to achieve that in a way that will have impact on all the different members of their teams.

Example: Managers gained insight into how they can identify effective ways to clarify expectations, give and gain feedback, coach, motivate, address under-performance and enable all individuals to achieve potential by understanding and valuing the diversity of their teams.

If you’d like to find out more about using TetraMap® for your conference or any event. call us today on 09-579-8566 or email me.


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