PIPE – Profit Improvement through Performance Enhancement

PIPE is a framework that will analyse your business processes to:

  • Increase productivity and profit
  • Clarify what everyone is supposed to do and why
  • Improve engagement and job satisfaction
  • Achieve results for the individual, the team, and the company

PIPE defines the flow from individual, to team, to company results and clarifies the flow through business procedures to delivery of your product or service. By capturing company knowledge, PIPE reduces the risk of relying on key people, as everyone knows what needs to be done and how to do it. Individuals are more focussed and committed when they understand what is expected of them and can be held accountable once they agree to deliver on expectations.

PIPE achieves results by:

  • Starting from your company goals and cascading through company, team, and role aims
  • Aligning all Human Resource initiatives
  • Agreeing time allocations
  • Getting buy-in from senior executive through to the front line
  • Ensuring individuals are focussed, committed, capable, and accountable

Every kink or bend in your PIPE costs and impacts company results.

In the video below, Jan Alley introduces the PIPE HR process to business owners.

Let’s talk about how we can unblock and straighten out the flow in your business PIPE. Contact us now to discuss your Profit Improvement through Performance Enhancement.