customer service skillsSales and Customer Service Skills

We plan, develop, and deliver training in sales and customer service skills so your people know what to do and how to do it.

Develop sales and customer service skills by ensuring everyone is committed to:

  • Identifying the specific needs of all clients
  • Adding value for the customer
  • Promoting the service and products you offer
  • Providing solutions that benefit the customer
  • Finding opportunities for up-selling and on-selling
  • Promoting a positive and professional image of your company
  • Dealing with challenging customers and situations
  • Stepping up to roles and responsibilities

Custom-designed to meet your sales and service needs

  • Go deeper, further, faster than traditional sales and customer service skills training
  • Flexible format to meet your organisation’s needs
  • Activities reflect your organisation’s goals and products
  • Key concepts reviewed and reinforced at regular intervals


  • Off-site workshops
  • In-house training
  • Small group sessions
  • Individual coaching

The programme includes TetraMap® as a framework for identifying and responding to specific customer needs.

Let’s discuss how we can design a programme to develop sales and customer service skills in your team; contact us now.