tetramap case studyEstée Lauder: a 4-year TetraMap Case Study

This case study hows how TetraMap impacted company culture by creating a connection through common understandings, visions, and language. It has transformed “the way we do things around here” for Estée Lauder NZ.

Jan Alley was enlisted to design a series of development initiatives, including a 10-month programme to develop emerging leaders by using internal expertise. She introduced TetraMap as an underpinning model throughout the Emerging Leaders programme, and into many of her other workshops.

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HR Manager Sandra Lyon says, “Initially I was pretty sceptical. I couldn’t see how such a simple model could stick and be used throughout the business at all levels. However because I trusted Jan’s judgement I agreed. Very quickly I noticed how many people were talking about it, and those that hadn’t been TetraMapped wanted  to know when they could learn about it!”

Comments from the participants on the Emerging Leaders programme included:

“I now recognise the different behaviours and power within the team.”

“It has added to self-analysis and learning and interacting with other types.”

“TetraMap has increased understanding of, and other’s interpretations of situations.”

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