TetraMap conference solutionsThe TetraMap® Conference Solutions

  • Relevant and engaging for all participants.
  • Deliver ROI that goes  far beyond the “feel good” factor.
  • Ensure learning transfers to the workplace to optimise engagement
    and performance.

TetraMap Conference Solutions 1: Keynote

This inspirational keynote will challenge thinking, stimulate a positive mindset, and set an upbeat tone for your conference.  Designed in alignment with your conference objectives, TetraMap goes further, deeper, faster – and is seriously fun!

TetraMap Conference Solutions 2: Workshop

Why are you like that?

  • Explore your own nature.
  • Discover the nature of  others and why they are the way they are.
  • Practise strategies to reduce conflict and build effective relationships.
  • Understand TetraMap as a framework for sustained behavioural and
    performance improvement.

Alternatively,  this highly interactive and enjoyable session can focus on sales and service, team development, or decision making and planning.

TetraMap Conference Solutions 3: Themes

Working inter-dependently with your conference organisers, TetraMap can provide a central theme to ensure delegates work productively together.  Linking and threading concepts throughout the  conference, TetraMap can bring depth to any theme or topic. Our consultants will work with you to achieve stunning success.

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TetraMap  uses a 3-dimensional model, the Tetrahedron, and the 4 Elements of nature (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire) to identify differences and  preferences in the way we communicate. TetraMap offers a high-impact, cost-effective, professional solution for your conference.

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