TetraMap® transforms team performance by overcoming silos to improve team unity, challenging thinking, stimulating a positive mindset, and setting an upbeat tone. TetraMap goes further, deeper, faster, and is seriously fun! Based on an exciting and memorable model that engages and inspires at all levels, TetraMap is the next generation in behavioural systems.

  • Effective and sustainable individual, team, and organisation-wide programmes
  • Easily integrated into training and strategies
  • Simply taught and applied with initial results inside 90 minutes
  • User-friendly, interactive model for life-long use
  • Trigger the combined power of different personal styles
  • Resolve conflict, improve communication, build working relationships
  • Improve individual and team performance

The TetraMap Why are you like that? workshop

  • Explore your own nature
  • Discover the nature of others and why they are the way they are
  • Practise strategies to reduce conflict and build effective relationships
  • Understand TetraMap as a framework for sustained behavioural and performance improvement

Alternatively, this highly interactive and enjoyable session can also focus on customer service, sales, team development, decision making, or planning.

TetraMap Conference Solutions – relevant and engaging for all participants

Planning and Problem Solving – use TetraMap as a unique framework for strategic planning and problem solving

TetraMap Case Study – Estée Lauder


Jan provides an introduction to TetraMap at a taster session.